The Waste Challenge

The Waste Challenge

How might we find value in waste?

Contributing nearly two million tonnes of mismanaged plastic waste every year into the ocean, the Philippines is ranked as the third worst plastic polluter in the world. With government and global attention, the time is right to focus on developing a solution.

This year’s Social Innovation Challenge will focus on the waste problem in the Filipino Island of Iloilo, within the communities of Sto. Nino Sur and Sto. Nino Norte.


How It Works

Nov 1, 2018

World Vision issues
a challenge to solve -
and innovators come
up with ideas.

Feb 28, 2019

Innovators submit
their business models.

Mar 11, 2019

Five teams are shortlisted and work together with a partner community to iterate their idea and business models.

June 2019

Final business models
are presented to
World Vision and expert industry partners.

Summer 2019

Winner is selected
receive 25K in funding
for implementation and continues on to 12-month incubation period.

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Challenge Brief

  • Background
    Waste Challenge

    The Philippines is ranked as the third worst plastic polluter in the world, behind only China and Indonesia, contributing nearly two million tonnes of mismanaged plastic waste every year to the global ocean plastic problem. Aside from plastic waste, the Philippines is also home to improperly managed and informal dumpsites, uncollected waste and an overall lack of awareness and motivation for solid waste management.

    The legacy of poor waste collection and waste management has had serious effects on the environment and the livelihood of local communities and residents. The goal of this year’s challenge is to works towards changing that.

  • Obstacles

    In an effort to address the issue, in 2001 the Philippine government passed the “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act”. The Act requires every village or “barangay” to establish a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), designed to receive, sort, process, and store compostable and recyclable materials efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner.

    Unfortunately, solid waste management supervision and rules enforcement are weak. Although an established MRF is mandated by the government, not all barangays entirely comply. As of today, the subject communities of this challenge, Barangay Sto. Nino Sur and Barangay Sto. Nino Norte, don’t have operational MRFs.

    Local initiatives to promote “zero waste” initiatives are increasing recycling and waste segregation efforts but the low value attributed to waste prevents many community members from feeling incentivised.

  • Resources

    Video Series

    Description Date / Time Activity
    Introduction November 1st Video #1: Introduction to Challenge
    Exploring the Challenges, Solution and Gaps November 5th Video #2: Intro to the Philippines and local populations
    November 16th Video #3: Challenges, Solutions and Gaps
    November 21st Webinar #1: Questions about the Challenge
    Innovation & Business Model Development January 14th Video #4: Steps to the Creative Process & Introduction to the Business Model Canvas Part 1
    January 28th Video #5: Business Model Canvas Part 2 & Social Enterprise 101
    February 11th Webinar #2: Questions on the BMC and Social Enterprise


    The Social Innovation Challenge in Waste – Technical Brief

    Download the PDFs supplied by World Vision

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  • Criteria

    Criteria for applying

    To submit an Entry for the Competition and be eligible to win an Award:

    • Each Team member must, at the date of Entry, be:
      • a legal resident of any Canadian province or territory (other than Quebec) and select U.S. educational institutions;
      • sixteen (16) years of age or older. Any Team member who is a minor in the jurisdiction which he or she resides, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the minor must (and WVC assumes that they): a) agree to these Rules and execute and return any related form provided by WVC, on behalf of the minor, within the time frame that WVC sets out; and b) consent to participating in the Award(s) as described herein
    • Teams must:
      • appoint a Team leader who will be the point-of-contact with WVC; and
      • bear the same name as that of such entity and shall not change its name during the course of the Challenge

    The Competition is not open to employees of WVC, its affiliated organizations, advertising and/or promotional agencies or media partners, or members of the household of such employees.

    Award(s) must be accepted as awarded. An Award may not be sold or transferred and is not convertible to cash. WVC reserves the right to provide a substitute for, or alter the nature of either of the Award, in whole or in part, in the event that all or any component of an Award is unavailable, so long as the resulting Award is of equal or greater value than the original Award.

    All decisions of WVC with respect to any aspect of this Competition, including without limitation the eligibility of entries, are final and binding on all Teams.

    Each Team is responsible  to ensure that any material they provide to WVC or post to the Online Challenge Platform Site, including but not limited to, text, photographs, video and audio, does not violate the copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party or is used with the permission of the owner(s) of such rights.

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    If for any reason, in the opinion of WVC, in its sole discretion, the Competition is not capable of running as originally planned, or if the administration, security, fairness, integrity or the proper conduct of the Competition is corrupted or adversely affected, including by reason of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond its control, WVC reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, amend, extend or suspend the Competition.

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    In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Rules and disclosures or other statements contained in any Competition related materials, including but not limited to the Competition entry form, the Site or advertising in any media, the Rules shall govern.

    Criteria around submissions

    In order to become an entrant, a Team must agree to these Rules and fill out the entry form available at the Online Challenge Platform Site. A successfully completed and submitted form is an “Entry“. In these Rules, a Team that has submitted an Entry to the Competition is referred to as an “Entrant“.

    If selected as a Finalist for the Final Round Pitch, each Finalist must submit 1 business plan of 15 to 20 PowerPoint slides in ppt. And PDF format (“Business Plan“). All members of each Finalist must attend the Final Round Pitch.

    Individuals may only join one Team. Only one Entry per Team. Multiple Entries will be disqualified. Fraudulent Entries will be declared invalid. All Entries must be submitted online; no paper Entries will be accepted.

    Preliminary Round

    After the Preliminary Round Close Date, WVC and a team of industry experts (each a “Judge“, collectively “Judges” or “Judging Panel“) will assess the Entries and select up to 5 Finalists per challenge. The Judges shall be experienced entrepreneurs, investors and academics appointed by WVC in its sole discretion.

    The core assessment of the Entries will focus on the innovativeness, feasibility and viability of the proposed solution.

    All Entries will be evaluated by the Chair and co-Chairs of the Competition by using the common “Executive Summary Judging Criteria”.

    The Chair and co-Chairs will hold a joint session where up to a maximum of 5 Entries will be identified as Finalists per challenge.

    WVC will attempt to contact each of the Finalists by telephone within two weeks after the Preliminary Round Close Date. In the event that a Finalist cannot be contacted within two (2) weeks after the selections have been made, that Finalist will be disqualified and an alternate Finalist will be selected.

    Final Round

    At the Final Round Pitch, Finalists will be provided an opportunity to present their Business Plans, which should explain the practicability of the plan execution and fundability potential.

    Each Finalist will conduct a 5-minute, uninterrupted Business Plan presentation in English followed by up to 3-5 minutes of question and answer. It is not compulsory for all Team members to address the Judges Panel in the presentation.

    The Judges will make their evaluations and give their scores by using a common “Business Plan Judging Criteria”.

    The four winning teams will be decided by the highest score after a joint deliberation of the Judging Panel.

    WVC and Judges’ Discretion

    The decisions of the Judging Panel are final and binding.

    WVC and/or the Judging Panel reserves the right to disqualify any Entry that in its judgment violates the Eligibility or these Rules of the Competition.

    WVC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Winner who (i) may have a barrier to entry into the country of potential testing/prototyping, (ii) has a criminal record or pending criminal charges that may interfere with their ability to travel freely across international borders for the Award, or (iii) does not otherwise meet WVC’s requirements with respect to participation in a WVC program of this nature.

    If a Winner is disqualified, he or she forfeits their right to take part in the Award and WVC will be fully absolved of any and all liability in that regard. WVC reserves the right to select an alternate winner who is able to meet the requirements as set out in these Rules.

    Before being confirmed as a Finalist or Winner, each such Finalist or Winner will be required to sign and return, within the time stipulated by WVC, a full release and indemnity form stating that the Finalist or Winner has read and understood the Rules, grants all consents required, authorizes WVC to broadcast, publish and disseminate Team members’ name, city of residence, photograph, likeness, and voice, in connection with the Competition and their participation in either of the Prizes at no additional compensation to the Finalist or Winner, accepts the Prizes as offered, and releases WVC and related parties from any and all liability of any kind arising out of the Winner’s participation in the Competition and the Prizes, including any related travel. Proof of identification must be provided upon request.

    Criteria around deadlines Preliminary Round

    For the Preliminary Round of the Competition, WVC will post on: (“Online Challenge Platform Site“), an online challenge statement explaining a development challenge that will need to be addressed in over the next 5 to 10 years.

    The Preliminary Round starts at 12:00 a.m. EST on November 1, 2018 and closes at 8:00 p.m. EST on February 28, 2019 (“Preliminary Round Close Date“). After the Preliminary Round Close Date, up to 5 Teams per challenge will be identified as finalists (“Finalists“).

    Final Round

    The Final Round will be a one day face-to-face pitch event and will be held in June, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario (“Final Round Pitch“). Due to the expansion of the competition, the exact date and venue is to be determined. After the Final Round Pitch, 1 Finalist per challenge will be selected as the winner (“Winner“).

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Combining Accessible Waste Vectors with Improved Local Waste Management Infrastructure

Our approach to this year's innovation challenge was two-fold. First, we aimed to remove the barriers that prevented locals from accessing their barangay's formal disposal system. This will be achieved by the introduction of smaller waste collection vehicles to the...


At LocaLife, community connection and environmental emphasis is what we stand for. Touched by the magnitude of the current waste crisis in the Philippines, we are inspired to tackle this issue at its very root by inciting sustainable change. By...

Plastic Extrusion-Injection Station

The proposed plastic molding stations convert commingled plastic wastes into plastic lumbers through the two-stage extrusion-injection process. The residents will exchange their plastic wastes for everyday products provided by the station owner. The owners will use the produced plastic lumber...

Virtuous Waste

Company: Helping companies transition their products into environmentally friendly solutions to reverse pollution Clean Sachet: Taking products, making water soluble packing with organic nanotechnology solution that will reverse the effect of pollution in the water.


Oru is an innovative solution to alleviate waste volume in the Santo Nino Norte region of the Philippines. As an alternative to single-use plastics and sachets, Oru is 100% biodegradable and made of natural ingredients. It is simple to make,...

Children’s Fun(d)

The Children’s Fun(d) is a sponsorship package that works with key partners both in Canadian communities and internationally that organizes community cleanup initiatives, and turns the plastic waste collected during these cleanups into playgrounds for children.

Sero Inc.

Sero aims to reduce plastic waste in Iloilo by developing a zero-waste bulk product sales system that reduces the price of goods by eliminating packaging costs. As sachet packaging is one of the highest causes of plastic waste in the...


Our idea is to provide the village of Iloilo with sustainable housing. Our plan is to provide incentives to the villagers to collect their plastic garbage by paying them based on the amount of usable garbage they bring to us....

Big Bins System

Our idea is to create/commission the making of durable garbage/recycling bins that are on rubberized wheels that can handle the terrain of the island. The bins have a locking mechanism so they wont roll away and the ability to link...


We hope to generate income for the community of Iloilo Santo Nino Norte and Sud by turning their plastic waste into pellets and 3D printer filament to be sold to US companies for a profit. The money made from this...


We would like solve the waste problem within Iloilo City by implementing a small-scale waste management program in overlooked parts of the city City that gives people direct access to sanitary disposal services using cargo tricycles. Simultaneously, we hope...

Waste in the Philippines

Our team of three worked together to try and solve the waste problem in Iloilo, Philippines. Throughout the years many members of the Sto. Niño Norte and Sto. Niño Sur communities have watched the garbage pile up near their homes...

The Blue Company

The Blue Company is seeking to help reduce overall waste in Iloilo by creating a campaign for social good through the sale of The Blue Bottle in order to subsidize paying locals for removing waste in the area appropriately.

Sero – Grocery / Waste Pickup

To solve the 2019 Social Innovation Challenge in Waste we have come up with an idea for a startup called “Sero”. Sero (Tagalog for “zero”) is a start-up with focus on a garbage pickup rewards system.

Botanical Buddies

We aim to give Filipino students valuable knowledge and experience through reusing their plastic in an environmentally friendly way by creating and maintaining a sustainable garden at their school. To do so, we aim to also tackle the plastic problem...


Our idea is to essentially to put a system in place to collect and recycle this garbage and turn it into art, furniture, household and unique items that we can then sell to our target market. How we intend to...

No-Frills Essentials

Our solution is to provide imported recycled essential goods that villagers could purchase for a cheaper price than the single-use sachets, which will reduce the production of waste. With a growing supply in hotel sanitary goods and profit, recycling goods...

Grab Garbage

Our idea is to create a service that works in a similar way as Uber. There are the users that pay to have garbage picked up (the Customers), and users that are paid to pick up the garbage (the Collectors)....

Narra Eco Village

Narra Eco Villages will provide a zero waste community living and hostel accommodation for travellers looking to make a world a better place. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures... and rubbish. By creating a tailored customer experience...


The idea is to use a shared economy model to create economic incentives for sorting waste and recycling plastics. Households will sort waste into recyclable components, while drivers will collect waste and deliver it to a processing facility. Collected plastics will be...


Our solution aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of recycling and value creation for areas with severe garbage problems. We are creating jobs for skilled and unskilled labourers by giving the garbage a monetary value. Ideally, this solution will make...

World Vision Challenge How Might We Make Waste Valuable in the Philippines?

The project's purpose is to tackle the waste challenge in Sto. Niño Sur and Sto. Niño Norte, two districts of the City of Iloilo in the Philippines. There are three main factors contributing to the current waste situation in the area: single-use...

Clean Disposal

The solution we developed hopes to reduce the amount of waste disposed incorrectly in Santo Niño Sur and Santo Niño Norte in Iloilo City, Philippines. By providing residents a convenient waste collection system at a minimal subscription cost, residents will...

Simplified Reverse Vending Machine

We want to focus on the single use plastic sachet waste through a simplified reverse vending machine. While minimizing effort on the part of the residents , we want to solve the "collection and segregation problem" of the sachets.


The idea behind GreenCase is to create smartphone cases by repurposing plastic waste from the local communities in the Philippines to reduce the negative impact of waste, create meaningful jobs, as well as generate a greater sense of community both...

Record Breaking Waste

Our goal is to encourage the citizens of Iloilo to put value to waste by aiming to beat the current world record for trash collected and turned into art. As trends play a huge influence in Filipino culture, we feel...

Recycled Clear Backpacks

The idea is that a company will be collecting the plastic waste from Iloilo (paying the locals just like when someone brings a beer bottle or can back to the store). When the company collects those materials, they will use...

Waste Separation Facility

The solution our design team is presenting for The Social Innovation Challenge is the implementation of a Waste Separation Facility. The facility will operate close to the Barangays of Iloilo city, providing a drop-off point for separated waste. Families will...

Team Tangerine’s Waste Challenge Solution

The following document contains our team’s extensive plan to fix the waste issue in Iloilo, Philippines. It is designed to focus on tackling a variety of waste issues in a way that will allow the community to sustain itself properly....

Clean Commerce

One of the key issues in this waste challenge is that the people in the city can only purchase soap and other personal cleaning products in small disposable packets. These packets contribute greatly to the waste problem. Our solution is...

Baboy Bayani (Hero Pig)

We developed the idea to use a mascot character in order to spread information about proper waste disposal to children. The mascot “Baboy Bayani”, translated to Hero Pig, is a critically endangered Visayan Warty Pig, local to the area. Our...

Zero Waste Mobile Pop-up Shop

We hope to accomplish customer dependency on single-use packaging idea in the Philippines while reducing trash that is already abundant. The solution is to have a mobile zero waste shop that distributes household goods and will incetivize customers to bring...

“A New, Inclusive and Engaging Take on Sustainable Waste Management?”

Our idea is to implement a key fob reward-based system that will incentivize the villagers to properly dispose of their waste in order to improve their health, living space and overall quality of life.

ByeSura – Finding Value in Waste by saying Good-Bye to Garbage.

ByeSura is a company that will add value to customers through strong implementation and the abundance of resources from institutions in Alberta, partnered with the verse knowledge of the culture in the Philippines. The company aims to not only change...

Solar Pyrolysis of Thermoset Plastics as an Energy Source

Pyrolysis is the heating of a material, in our case thermoset or thermoplastic material in an inert reactor. Because the conditions for the endothermic reaction occur in a atmosphere void of oxygen, the materials do not combust, but rather the...

No More Bottles – Water Delivery Model

The Water Delivery Subscription Model allows for recurring weekly deliveries of large, family-sized water jugs filled with fresh water from the very same factories that produce bottled water to reduce waste from single use plastics.

Plastic Roads

The motivation of the design is to upcycle the plastic waste to be used in constructing roads. In the Philippines, only 14% of the roads is paved with concrete or asphalt. With the projected need to construct and rehabilitate roads...

Plastic Recovery Certificate Exchange

Plastic Recovery Certificates (PRC) aim to improve domestic recycling capacity in G7 Countries by establishing a voluntary market exchange system for waste plastics. The PRC exchange is a platform through which corporations can offset their plastic use and production by...

Waste Solution

Waste mismanagement is a growing issue in the Philippines, causing a severe decline in the quality of life in poorer areas of the country. Our goal is to provide the means for community members of those areas to act towards...

Put Out

Put Out’s goal is to incite change in the legacy of poor waste collection and management by providing individuals with the means to make a sizable impact.

Green Energy Machine (GEM)

A Green Energy Machine (GEM) which is to be implemented into each Machine Recovery Facility (MRF) to turn waste into useful energy!


We start charging a bit more for products that have single use plastics or rubbers in them. So people take them to a collection center and trade the single use plastics or rubbers for money. Since these products...

ETC: Environment, Technology, Community

Our company, is creating value out of garbage. We want to empower communities to restore their environments with technology that we provide. We will provide free odourless garbage bins for residents of the communities to eliminate smell in their homes...