A Pitch for Change is a podcast about what it takes to create a successful business, that also has a positive social impact. Follow a young team as they take part in a competition to fund their project, while hearing from experts on investing, entrepreneurship and innovation.

a Pitch for Change


The Episodes

Teaser: A pitch for change

Episode 1: Innovation

Episode 2: The Struggle

Episode 3: Relationships

Episode 4: Trust

Episode 5: The Business

Episode 6: Iterating

Episode 7: The Pitch

Episode 8: What's Next

Put a Face to the Voice

Judith Li

CEO of Lumbrick

As the founder of Lumbrick, Judith’s main responsibility within the start-up is leading its strategy and business development. She divides her time between the company and her other occupation as a Master’s student at HEC Paris. What motivates her to pursue this project are her amazing teammates and the potential to learn through action.

Sarah Pellerin

Chief Information Officer of Lumbrick

Sarah is a McGill University student, majoring in Political Science and Minoring in International Development, Art History and German Language. She is also an avid runner, swimmer and kickboxer. Sharah is also a lover of the arts, whether it be painting, drawing, or literature.

Ghalia Baki

Chief Operations Officer of Lumbrick

Having graduated from McGill with a M.Eng./B.Eng. in civil engineering and a minor in finance, Ghalia’s main focuses at the social startup are the product development and the finances. She divides her time between Lumbrick’s launch and the launch of her consulting career at PwC. She is very thankful for her blessed team members and is truly excited about Lumbrick’s potential.

Amanda Cupido

Producer and Host of A Pitch for Change

Amanda is a communications specialist for World Vision. She’s also a podcast producer and author of Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing it Right. Prior to working in the non-profit sector, Amanda had a career in talk radio where she worked as a producer, reporter and news anchor.