Our goal is to encourage the citizens of Iloilo to put value to waste by aiming to beat the current world record for trash collected and turned into art. As trends play a huge influence in Filipino culture, we feel this would be an excellent motivator to get them caring about the environment. Competitiveness is defined as a “biological trait that co-evolved with the basic need for (human) survival” and we plan on playing on this basic human instinct in order to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Executive Summary

We are going to have service in the form of community events and social media. The service will create engagement and movement with the people of Iloilo. Social media will help us gain motivation and some traction with the people in Iloilo and all around the Philippines. For example, when the World Record Egg on Instagram used the fact that it would be a world record to gain engagement and motivation as a whole, we thought we would do something similar, but instead of likes, we could start a movement for the world record of trash collected and turned into an art piece to be showcased. The movement would also give the trash a sense of value since people love the idea of having a world record as well as people are born with a love for competition! Social media and trends seem to be a huge influence in the Philippines and would have a big impact on our ultimate goal of creating value in waste. In addition, the residents will be able to visually see their impact and be directly apart of it, this will show the community how far we are to reaching our goal, as well as how far we have to go, almost like a loading bar. We see that there are already moves being made to help clean up the area from waste and trash, although, there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in some time. Our plan will help gather the community and other organizations wishing to reach the same goal, and make a huge impact through collaboration and strategic analysis, as well as a beautiful art piece. Also, both youth and adults will have plenty of parts to play for helping the ultimate goal and it will be shown through video blogging so that memories aren’t lost.

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