Our solution aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of recycling and value creation for areas with severe garbage problems. We are creating jobs for skilled and unskilled labourers by giving the garbage a monetary value. Ideally, this solution will make residents more inclined to participate in our solution by picking up and returning recyclables, helping us to maintain the solution’s effectiveness over time.

Executive Summary

Our idea is to create a self-sustaining recycling ecosystem centred around the garbage in the region. We want to achieve this by setting up a plastic/asphalt hybrid factory in the region. The factory will utilize locally collected plastic that locals can turn into the factory for cash. The locals get paid and the factory gets a cheap source of plastic that gets recycled into a valuable product. The factory will also take advantage of the already established and large workforce of construction workers negating the need for intensive job training and giving the local economy a boost. The factory will sell and license the plastic asphalt mix (at a competitive price) to construction companies abroad at first to generate the required capital to start paving roads in the region, allowing the economic maintenance of the solution. The plastic / asphalt hybrid roads are more suited to the hot and humid climate in the Philippines, and will last a lot longer than conventional roads. The roads will improve infrastructure in the region and provide even more construction jobs that will further stimulate the local economy. We understand that the nature of our business requires us to work with the government. However, we believe we can mirror the success of other private companies like SpaceX and Boeing that have taken on large government roles and performed well.

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