Narra Eco Villages will provide a zero waste community living and hostel accommodation for travellers looking to make a world a better place. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures... and rubbish. By creating a tailored customer experience for a niche market segment of travellers looking to not just experience nature but to take part in something bigger, Narra will stimulate the economy with tourism and promote a zero waste lifestyle. Narra will provide educational workshops held not just for visitors but open to locals as well. Narra's brand a unique experience will be broadcasted across many different channels such as travel agencies and promoted on different social platforms by brand ambassadors. The key activities are to design sustainable activities, such as building hostels and creating art installations. Visitors are encouraged to collect waste from around the village to gain financial discounts and rewards such as breakfast, food from the gardens or access to activities. Although there are currently no hostels in the area of Santo Nino Norte, we are assuming there is a demand. Although there were many resources provided to give us insight, there is little we can know without experiencing, allowing us to gather our own research. We will need World Visions connections to be able to do this research with trusted sources to be able to calculate risk and scale our spending to the expected return on investment.

Executive Summary

Narra Eco Villages’ mission is to provide a zero waste hostel that provides cheap accommodations and works towards reducing waste in the community by providing financial rewards to those who clean up. Narra will be applying a European Hostel Business Model in combination with eco-village combination. -Customized Experiences -Emotional Experiences -Educational Experiences -Sustainable products/services -Workshops open to community and hostel customers

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