Our idea is to create a service that works in a similar way as Uber. There are the users that pay to have garbage picked up (the Customers), and users that are paid to pick up the garbage (the Collectors). Customers of our app are able to pay money or barter to get a Collector to properly collect and dispose of a bag of garbage for them. The Collector is able to earn extra income when he/she is available to work. This will accomplish two things. 1) It will give the Collectors a chance to make extra money. 2) It will help clean up the city and have garbage disposed of in legitimate dump sites.

Executive Summary

Grab Garbage is program that connects 2 to 3 groups, the customers (people with the Garbage), the Collectors (the people making money collecting the garbage) and potentially Car Dealerships (for collectors to rent cars from, of they need a vehicle). This system aims to create a more efficient garbage collection process that people in the community can also profit of off and find a purpose in. This program would be run through an App and the company would also be partnering with a company in the Philippines, called GRAB, which would also be good for their business, which helping ours.

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