We aim to give Filipino students valuable knowledge and experience through reusing their plastic in an environmentally friendly way by creating and maintaining a sustainable garden at their school. To do so, we aim to also tackle the plastic problem in Canada through bottle drives while using the revenue we receive from the bottle deposits to fund the gardens in the Philippines, creating and fostering an international student community around sustainability.

Executive Summary

The local Filipino communities face many obstacles in their battle to eradicate the issue of their growing pollution. Our team has created a concept that is designed to inspire and educate the youth about pollution with re-purposing single-use plastic bottles into sustainable gardens. These sustainable gardens will be used as the foundation for educating students at both the University of Waterloo in Canada and the Philippine Science High School in the Philippines about the importance of recycling single-use items and leave an impression that drives these students to reduce the amount of items that themselves and their families use. Our cause is derived from our passionate group of students at the University of Waterloo who are focused on making a lasting impact on the younger generation in the Philippines which would help create a cascade of positive change in the communities, cities and the country.

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