The Blue Company is seeking to help reduce overall waste in Iloilo by creating a campaign for social good through the sale of The Blue Bottle in order to subsidize paying locals for removing waste in the area appropriately.

Executive Summary

Our idea is to export portions of waste from Iloilo in order to create upcycled water bottles by including members of the community in our process to improve their quality of life. The business model is to target upper-middle income to high income countries and work with a one-for-one marketing campaign – water bottles will be sold at just enough premium to pay for the total production cost of a bottle, as well as paying the individuals in Iloilo who will be collecting garbage in order to solve the waste issue, so that the high-income consumer fronts most of the costs and the benefits are seen on both ends – the people of Iloilo have their quality of life improved as garbage is removed from their environment, and the consumers receive a water bottle that shows they supported the initiative. Furthermore, we will be aiming to partner with companies in order to get the support of their brands in subsidizing our costs.

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