Our team of three worked together to try and solve the waste problem in Iloilo, Philippines. Throughout the years many members of the Sto. Niño Norte and Sto. Niño Sur communities have watched the garbage pile up near their homes and their water. Many even admitted to putting their trash in undesignated dump sites, like the river, because of the convenience. We started by understanding the problem. Since this is different from our everyday lives we needed to do research into the lives of people in Iloilo. Once we were confident in the problem, we defined our functions, objectives, and constraints. These were all independent from the solution and were used later to rank our proposed designs. Once a final design was selected we went through the implementation requirements and plan, financials, and social impact. Our final design, the Garbage Collection Boat, not only cleans garbage from the water but also collects garbage from homes and transports it directly to the landfill. Hopefully, this will encourage more education about correct garbage management procedure to prevent further dumping, while also cleaning water which has already been contaminated.

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