We would like solve the waste problem within Iloilo City by implementing a small-scale waste management program in overlooked parts of the city City that gives people direct access to sanitary disposal services using cargo tricycles. Simultaneously, we hope to foster a new culture of reusable packaging as opposed to cheap plastics to help reduce the amount of garbage being produced in the first place.

Executive Summary

Our proposal to solve the waste issue in the city of Iloilo in the Philippines is a bulk store business venture Called BulkIT. BulkIT will have Tri-recycle(Cargo tricycles) selling common living items in the two neighbourhoods Barangay Santo Niño Sur and Barangay Santo Niño Norte. The business will be selling common items such as shampoo, flour, candy, pickled items(all non-perishable) and will be scooped out and weighed when sold to save costs for the customers. This strategy is to help cut down on the small plastic waste caused by the consumption of these products as they are currently being sold in one use small packages. The tricycles will also be charging a delivery charge which is just a small plastic bag filled with either garbage or recyclables, which will then be returned to the main store to either be properly disposed of or sold if possible. The hope of this program is to teach habits in cleaning and disposing of garbage and help to clean up the streets of these two neighbourhoods.

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