We hope to generate income for the community of Iloilo Santo Nino Norte and Sud by turning their plastic waste into pellets and 3D printer filament to be sold to US companies for a profit. The money made from this sale will be reimbursed to the people of Ilo Ilo who brought in the plastic. We hope to generate jobs and a self-sustaining business that the locals can rely on for additional income, while also cleaning up their community.

Executive Summary

Our solution involves creating an ecosystem that provides jobs while giving value to the trash in the community. We want to set up a small workshop where plastic purchased from locals can be shredded into plastic pellets to be sold or turned into 3D printing filament using a secondary machine. Both machines can be built from local materials for a low cost. Local people can be hired to perform different jobs including machine manufacturing, plastic cleaning & sorting, and plastic shredding. Exported pellets and filament will produce profits and be used to pay workers and plastic collectors.

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