Sero aims to reduce plastic waste in Iloilo by developing a zero-waste bulk product sales system that reduces the price of goods by eliminating packaging costs. As sachet packaging is one of the highest causes of plastic waste in the Philippines, selling products in bulk will directly impact the volume of plastic discarded. Through set rural delivery routes, local weekly pop-up shops, and an urban store location, we aim to make basic products accessible to all, regardless of location or income.

Executive Summary

At Sero, Inc., we aim to eliminate waste buildup through providing local customers with opportunities to purchase everyday products in bulk. This will be achieved through encouraging customers to bring their own containers to store these products in, thereby eliminating waste that is accumulated through single-use product packaging like sachets and plastic bottles. We would also supply large, long-lasting, eco-friendly containers for customers as an additional option. Reducing plastic waste is an incredibly important issue in Iloilo and the Philippines as a whole. Evidence of this can be seen through the massive Buhay Zero-Waste Facebook community, home to over 30,000 members who are dedicated to making a change in their communities. Seeing as purchasing everyday products in large volumes is generally unmanageable for many in Iloilo given their high prices, we would tackle this problem through eliminating packaging costs, which would help keep prices down. This way, products will be more affordable for even more people, allowing for the purchase of larger volumes of goods. Zero-waste bulk stores have become incredibly popular due to their convenience, as seen by the roaring success of Zero Waste Bulk, Waterloo, Ontario’s sustainable goods store. In addition to reducing plastic waste overall, we aim to provide more employment opportunities for those in Iloilo, as we would need individuals to help run our delivery services and store locations.

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