Waste mismanagement is a growing issue in the Philippines, causing a severe decline in the quality of life in poorer areas of the country. Our goal is to provide the means for community members of those areas to act towards better waste management. This will be through organizing a committee of volunteers outfitted with movable trash containers that will see to people practicing proper waste management. With this solution, we hope to provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to the areas.

Executive Summary

We are proposing to implement a committee of community volunteers, similar to the Pag-asa sa Basura, that will coordinate the use of mobile waste bins for trash collection throughout the harder-to-reach areas of the Sto. NiƱo Sur and Norte barangays near the Batiano River. The committee will consist of a certain number of members who will be rotated after a period of time. A leadership committee containing permanent members, responsible for recruitment and delegation of tasks, will be chosen amongst active members. The main responsibilities of this committee would be to (1) routinely go to residences in the morning and allow people to dispose of their trash in transportable containers (different colored and labeled containers will be used for organic waste, recyclables, and non-recyclables), (2) bring the containers to the main road (Oton Boulevard) and let the garbage be collected by the General Services, and (3) enforce proper waste management by educating and speaking to community members. This innovation to waste mismanagement will be delivered as a social enterprise, in which assets will be expended for the benefit of the community and the sustainability of their efforts. The innovation may receive government funding and donations, which would be reinvested into the committee for improving operations and maintaining the bins.

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