Pyrolysis is the heating of a material, in our case thermoset or thermoplastic material in an inert reactor. Because the conditions for the endothermic reaction occur in a atmosphere void of oxygen, the materials do not combust, but rather the chemical compounds are allowed to thermally decompose. Following this decomposition the material is then condensed to form 3 by-products. Condensable gases will form a liquid compound known as bio-oil which can be refined and sold, Non-condensable gases can be re-burned as Syngas to produce energy and about 15% of the material will produce bio-carbon as a waste product. Traditional pyrolysis requires a large energy source to ensure constant heat in the reactor chamber, however by utilizing solar assisted heating along with phase change molten salts we can maintain a stable temperature with significantly less energy.

Executive Summary

In order to alleviate the waste problem in Iloilo, we plan to build a pyrolysis plant that would process plastics, and work with the barangay leaders to reform community trash disposal habits. Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere. With this process, we can break down plastics and produce valuable by products. Through this process, we can start sustainably and efficiently cleaning the areas of Santo Niño Sur and Santo Niño Norte. We will also work with community leaders to motivate residents to develop better habits concerning their waste. If they sort their trash and trade it to the facility, they can gain monetary compensation as well. We want to inspire communities to come together and collaboratively make efforts towards change, and use this technology to improve their lives.

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