Our idea is to implement a key fob reward-based system that will incentivize the villagers to properly dispose of their waste in order to improve their health, living space and overall quality of life.

Executive Summary

Our strategy to aid in creating a sustainable solution to the waste issue in Iloilo City is to implement a key fob reward based system. We will assign key fobs to each family in the village. Each key fob will be personalized with ID numbers that will be associated with each user. The second aspect of our strategy will be to implement designated waste drop off and pick up zones. Depending on demand, an appropriate schedule will be created for how often the trucks will drive out to each designated trash drop off/ pick up zone. Villagers will have access to this schedule, and will be able to meet the trucks, scan their key fob, and drop off their trash. When an individual drops off their trash, their fob will be scanned, and they will receive points based on the quantity of trash bags dropped off. These points can then be redeemed for food from our partnered groceries.

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