Oru is an innovative solution to alleviate waste volume in the Santo Nino Norte region of the Philippines. As an alternative to single-use plastics and sachets, Oru is 100% biodegradable and made of natural ingredients. It is simple to make, consisting of only two ingredients: coconuts and gumamela-- both native to the community. The Oru team provides a strong scientific and business background to make this vision come to life.

Executive Summary

Oru is the Japanese word for fold and is a source of inspiration for this product. It is a paper made from coconuts and gumamela leaves, developed to fold into a sachet for packaging. Due to the waxy nature of the coconuts, the resulting “paper” created is waterproof and resistant to salt water. The paper is then cut into a simple template and can be easily folded to create an ergonomic packet capable of holding solids and liquids. Oru plans to start-up as a company that sells packaging wholesale to corporations by helping them market their CSR capabilities and eventually hopes to scale so that every single sachet of unrecyclable plastic is replaced with bioplastic. By building key partnerships with local farmers and gardens, Oru will acquire raw materials at minimal cost and optimize efficiency with given funding to surpass the quality and affordability of petroleum-based plastic.

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