We developed the idea to use a mascot character in order to spread information about proper waste disposal to children. The mascot “Baboy Bayani”, translated to Hero Pig, is a critically endangered Visayan Warty Pig, local to the area. Our goal is to use this mascot as a median to properly educate children and at the same time, shine an international spotlight to this serious issue.

Executive Summary

To combat the problem of inadequate waste management in the small Filipino town of Barangay Sto. Nino Sur and Nino Norte. We have developed a mascot Called "Baboy Bayani" based on the endangered Visayan Warty Pig that is found in the area and is local only to the region. The mascot will be used for educational purposes and as a tool to bring international attention to the waste management issue in the Philippines. We hope to not only educate the locals about how to deal with their waste management issues, but hopefully garner international attention that will combat the waste dumping in the Philippines by other wealthy nations and corporations.

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