Company: Helping companies transition their products into environmentally friendly solutions to reverse pollution Clean Sachet: Taking products, making water soluble packing with organic nanotechnology solution that will reverse the effect of pollution in the water.

Executive Summary

Based on the research conducted, the core problem that needs be solved, while maintaining the daily habits of the end user, is the sachet packaging. It was described that the sachet packaging produces large quantities of waste, due to the inability for the end user to buy larger quantities of products, and thus they purchase the smaller quantities, more frequently, available in the sachet packaging. By altering the packaging, the end user will enjoy a cleaner community without having to change their consumption or waste disposal system. The product idea is to alter the packaging into an environmentally beneficial packaging system. The packaging will be manufactured with seaweed, which is water soluble, infused with an organic Nanotechnology cleaning solution used to eliminate pollution, toxins, and disease from water sources, while promoting biodiversity. Thus, when the packaging enters the local river, the seaweed dissolves, releasing the cleaning solution. The seaweed also has environmental benefits from its natural composition, such as being used as a fertilizer. Through this process, we are completing a natural life cycle: the packaging is made from natural ingredients and then those products return to the environment, providing additional benefits. The seaweed packaging and the Nanotechnology solution are existing products, which Virtuous Waste will combine to offer additional benefits to the ecosystem in the Philippines. The business will license the IP to product providers, such as Pantene, that supply the Philippines with sachet packaged goods. Virtuous Waste will not produce any materials or the final product packaging, however, Virtuous Waste will consult with material providers and manufacturers to continue research and development.

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