The following document contains our team’s extensive plan to fix the waste issue in Iloilo, Philippines. It is designed to focus on tackling a variety of waste issues in a way that will allow the community to sustain itself properly. This is not a one-time-use solution. It is a project designed to continuously assist the community in maintaining a healthy living environment so current and future residents can live safely, healthily, and happily.

Executive Summary

The following is a solution for the waste issue in Iloilo, Philippines. It focuses on cleaning up the current waste as well as preventing future waste both on land and in water. As a whole, there are three main parts to our solution, each containing their own set of activities and goals. The first part of the solution uses the Materials Recovery Facility to help repurpose waste to help create products that will help cleanup and prevent waste. The main product created will be plastic pellets which can be used for building type projects and will support the production of more roads for better waste collection. The other products that will be created are reusable containers which will eliminate the need for single use sachets. The next part of the solution focuses on redirecting waste in waterways towards nets created from recycled plastic. The last part consists of educational advertisement will be presented both in person and on paper to help educate and encourage the public. Community leaders will also be supported to encourage proper waste disposal and cleanup. Overall, each part of the solution looks at not only getting rid of the current waste but finding a way to repurpose it in a way that will affect how the community disposes of waste. It is important to not only find a solution that works for the current problem, but one that prevents future ones as well.

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