The project's purpose is to tackle the waste challenge in Sto. Niño Sur and Sto. Niño Norte, two districts of the City of Iloilo in the Philippines. There are three main factors contributing to the current waste situation in the area: single-use sachet packaging, the social acceptance of not doing proper waste management and a rapid urbanization. The current waste situation results in several social, environmental and health issues in the area. An effective waste management system can safeguard the hygiene of a community. Sadly, Iloilo City is a victim to an ineffective system that undermines the health & overall quality of life of its residents & the surrounding environment. Our proposal is thus the implementation of an effective waste collection and management system in Sto. Niño Sur and Sto. Niño Norte that can handle the increasing amount of waste in both neighbourhoods. We want to implement this idea by providing a high amount of appropriate garbage bins in specific places depending on the population densities and thus, ensure a maximum amount of waste collection. These garbage bins will be spread out over the whole size of the neighbourhoods. From the case studies we know that only the possibility to get the citizen to bring their garbage into appropriate bins is to make it as easy as possible for them by reducing the distance towards the nearest bin. Thus, we place the bins in even small alleys to guarantee a maximum area of coverage. Furthermore, we map out a route to collect the garbage from these bins on a regular basis and deliver it to further processing plants and the nearby landfill. The collection will take place using motorcycles to be able to reach the mentioned alleys. This will also reduce the initial investment and operational fuel costs compared to the usage of trucks. Beyond that, the proposed idea could be implemented in similar neighbourhoods by creating customized maps.

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