At LocaLife, community connection and environmental emphasis is what we stand for. Touched by the magnitude of the current waste crisis in the Philippines, we are inspired to tackle this issue at its very root by inciting sustainable change. By educating and empowering citizens, implementing community-wide clean-ups, and supporting long-lasting success with the LocaLife Community Hub, a dual bulk food store and recycling-return center, our segmented plan promises to bring change for good.

Executive Summary

LocaLife envisions a future where impoverished communities live free from the burden of waste and all the issues that come with it, from disease to distress. Currently, waste management is a major issue in the Philippines, especially with the sachet economy where families buy hygiene and food products in small, individual packaging that hugely contributes to the waste crisis. We are seeking to implement a large-scale education program that leads into community-wide clean-ups, creating a fresh start for the face of the communities of Santo Niño Sur and Santo Niño Norte. Understanding the need to address the impending problem of excess waste, and now empowered to maintain the beauty and health of their natural surroundings and themselves, families will access LocaLife’s Community Hub. The Community Hub is a dual bulk store and recycling-return center in the heart of both Barangay Santo Niño Sur and Barangay Santo Niño Norte, with delivery service available to ensure accessibility for all. LocaLife wants to organically implement eco-conscious and sustainable solutions that meld seamlessly with consumers’ lifestyles, improving not only the local environment but also the livelihoods of community members.

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