Current Shortlisted Companies

Congratulations to the first round winners of the Inaugural World Vison Social Innovation Challenge! As first round winners, these teams will have access to the MaRS SVX accelerator program that includes workshops and access to mentors and industry advisers to help them refine their business ideas.


Solar DC Nano-Grid for small-home community.

Some rural communities lack access to the electrical grid due to their remote locality and are still forced to use firewood and lamp oil for their cooking and lighting respectively. These conventional fuels are not eco-friendly, producing smoke and soot causing health issues and pose a fire hazard. Our project aims at solving these problems by providing an affordable, safe, sustainable, eco-friendly system to cater the energy needs for both cooking and lighting. We are developing a Community-based Solar DC Microgrid in which Solar panel generates electricity and an energy storage system stores energy to be used during periods of off-peak or no sunshine hours. DC grid makes the system more efficient by eliminating DC-AC conversion losses. Our Sizing and Design will ensure that the government subsidies is enough to cover the costs of generation, transmission and distribution systems. To make the energy storage system more affordable, our product will use Post-Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries which are cheaper. Post-Vehicle batteries that are discarded from electric vehicles may still have 70% usable capacity left and has the potential to run for 10 years as an energy storage system.

Communeurship at Bishop’s University and in Malawi, Africa. Manufacture, Distribution and Sales of Bio- Stoves and Briquettes

This entrepreneurial venture addresses the issue of improved, more efficient cooking methods, using clean cooking fuel; both the bio-stoves and the fuel, briquettes, can be made using local materials and are therefore very cost effective. This product meets an obvious need in all rural communities of Malawi, where the food preparation method predominantly used requires the burning of trees, a dwindling resource. This team hopes to partner with local entrepreneurial villagers to create and facilitate several entrepreneurial ventures in the production, distribution and sales of the bio-stoves and the briquettes in the Kasungu district.

Seau de L’eau

The Seau de L’eau builds the connection between people and distant water reservoirs. Not only does it connect people to a fundamental need, it also purifies water and generates electricity. The Seau de L’eau integrates directly into a routine function of several million people, and increases the efficiency of this task. Our mission statement is “To quench the thirst for energy.” Only 9% of citizens have access to electricity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is leaving an untapped market of 62 million people. In essence, the Seau de L'eau is a massive barrel used to transport water. The rotation of this barrel is used to generate electricity which will empower our customers to fight and lead a better life. 

AMPle Solar

AMPle solar tackles this challenge via a decentralized energy system, in which individual households purchase solar home systems (SHS) at a minimal upfront cost via a rent to own model. AMPle Solar differentiates itself through its system’s energy capacity, and cost reduction innovation. The product consists of a base package including: a battery, solar panel, hybrid cook stove, USB charging port, and LED lights. Additional compatible add-on electronic devices and machines that facilitate productivity, health, quality of life, and entrepreneurial potential, will also be available. These include: fans, hair clippers, radios, T.V. sets, sewing machines, well water pumps, irrigation pumps, high efficiency refrigerators.


Lumbrick is a social venture aiming to improve the affordability and accessibility of biofuel for refugees and the poorest populations. We empower women to become self-supporting entrepreneurs by providing them briquettes made of agricultural waste to sell as cooking fuel to their community. In this way, we increase the food security and spendable income of refugee and developing communities by supplying them with an affordable direct substitute for firewood. We plan to create a franchise network of Lumbrick branches to serve refugee camps and urban slums across Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.

Bio-energy based rural development program in Northeast India

The proposed ideas is to develop an “integrated renewable energy system” based on bio-gas generated from Animal husbandry (piggery) and solar. This can be adopted in different villages to supply power along with generating employment and producing quality meat products leading to generation of revenue, developing the economical standard of the locality.