Water Quality and Education Program

Humber and FUNCOLI will focus its interventions on improving the access that the community has to quality water through the use of household Biosand filtration systems. This intervention, coupled with the provision of proper WASH education, will be very comprehensive as community members will gain both the knowledge of proper WASH practices as well as the household water treatment system.

Please have a look at the project proposal attached below for the full description.


Value Proposition


Customer Relationships

Key Activities

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Unanswered Questions

Most of our unanswered questions are what is actually happening on the ground in Vuelta Grande and how to exactly create these filters. We have teamed up with the engineers at Humber to help us show us how to build the filters and have prior knowledge learnt from another organization on how to do these but without funds and resources we cannot build these filters and are hoping that with the money World Vision gives us we can get resources and hopefully get to Vuelta Grande. World Vision may also have connections in Guatemala which could help us.







Strengths & Weaknesses

Critical Assumptions

One critical assumption we have made is that the community is willing to buy in to our filters because they will need to spend a little bit of their little money and they have done this already for past filters that have not worked. We also are assuming they will want to learn about WASH and not change their old practices. We also are assuming the community has the resources to build these filters.

Most Significant Challenge

I believe the most significant challenge will be to get the community to buy in and ensure that with the certain amount of time we are there our venture becomes sustainable in the community. We need to ensure that clean water is for the betterment of the community and their health so they do not have doctors coming in often to cure diseases and drink less pop. We hope they will take our venture in the community and continue with it when were gone.

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