Fidget Toys Ltd: Keeping Calm is Overrated, #FidgetOn

Keeping Calm is Overrated, #FidgetOn

A first of it's kind multi-functional stress-relief toy for the feet, it has pedals to cater the need of controlled and repetitive behaviour and rollers to increase stimulation; both movements increase circulation and overall concentration. Hoping to raise awareness and disrupt current environments and cater them to human behaviour.

The mission of Fidget Toys Ltd. is to be a leader in innovative design of tools and toys that alleviate stress, and increase concentration. We are focusing on disrupting the current learning environments for children that fall on the autism spectrum.

The inspiration behind Fidget Toys and our first foot toy is my nephew. I was with my nephew who falls on the autism spectrum. I wanted to learn more from and about Kavin. Spending more time with him, I started paying attention to his actions and behaviour and how he was expressing himself since he is non-verbal. That’s when sketches of toy ideas began coming to life when doing more in depth research and validating the ideas through experts, parents, and advocates within the health industry.

Fidget Toys is disrupting the current hand-held world of stress-relief toys. We are designing intuitive toys that facilitate movement while stationary (anywhere you’re stationary or sitting) to increase concentration. Alongside designing such devices, we are particularly focusing on children that fall on the Autism Spectrum. Hoping to raise awareness and disrupt current environments and cater them to human behaviour. Not only does the toy facilitate the physical behaviour, it comes with the Fidgeter App, that has evaluable activities, media playlists to help Kavin and those like Kavin to communicate, and a online community to connect families with one another to share accomplishments. The toy is serving the people, and also the planet, by being able to conserve the manual energy and charge small devices, like Kavin’s ipad that he carries with him every day!


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Would World Vision be interested in Sponsoring toys and raising more awareness about these toys and providing positive collaborative relationships?







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If these toys, and even just the Footsie fidge tot itself, can be mass produced and shared around the world, communities can be making amazing and impactful changes internally with their health and renew energy to save the planet.

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Finance and Team. Financial support is needed to efficiently lead the company and hire the right talent that are committed and happy as they can afford for themselves for a social cause and not do excessive volunteering and resent the mission. A team will follow a mission and vision but the commitment will not be consistent if a team of the right talent cannot volunteer full-time.

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