Cleanopy Air4Kids

Cleanopy has developed an innovative device that offers continuous indoor and outdoor protection from air pollution, smoke, dust, fumes and allergens. The device is convenient and affordable as our goal is to democratize access to clean air.

Air pollution kills 7 million people annually, greater than AIDS and malaria combined. It has been linked to heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, the major killers in most countries. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. Cleanopy Air4Kids was inspired by the lack of a reliable and affordable air purification devices that offer continuous and comprehensive pollution control and monitoring. We have developed novel purification devices that can prevent these diseases, reduce medical costs and improve the quality of life by reducing exposure to air pollution using innovative purification technology. The pollution sensors built into the devices help reduce medical costs by allowing medical professionals identify and diagnose people at risk. This allows vulnerable people with respiratory, cardiac and other health conditions to take appropriate precautions. The low cost of the devices enables accessibility for poorest communities in Asia and South America, which coincidentally are impacted the most by poor air quality. To ensure the devices are accessible, we will set up local hubs for device assembly and manufacturing using locally available materials. We will also create local networks within communities to help distribute Air4Kids devices, educate public on their operation and communicate the knowledge. We feel that we have a duty to build a sustainable company to have a positive impact on the health of children.


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Unanswered Questions

Our unanswered questions include: 1) How do we make our solution available to people who need it quickly? What distribution channels would make sense for us? 2) How do we set up manufacturing strategy to achieve target product price? 3) How do we ensure that customers are aware of our solution and get unimpeded access to it?
We are trying to leverage a small resource base and build something big quickly, which means that the resources must be used wisely. We hope that World Vision would help us focus on things that matter for scaling Cleanopy. Mentorship is another invaluable asset for any startup. Having access to advice from World Vision mentors would help us answer questions more quickly and focus on building technology and business. Finally, World Vision would help us get exposure to the right people and opportunities.







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Critical Assumptions

Given the local cultural, social and political factors, there are 3 major assumptions: 1) supply chain feasibility, 2) correct device use and handling, as well as 3) correct device data use and interpretation.
To ensure affordability of Cleanopy devices, we depend on our component suppliers. The increase in prices of key components can compromise our financial sustainability. To prevent this, we will secure partnerships with key suppliers.
Poor handing and maintenance of the device can reduce the purification effectiveness. To prevent this, we will ensure that our customers receive detailed and easy-to-follow instruction guides about proper device handling and operation.
Each Cleanopy device collects data on local air pollution to inform our customers about the device effectiveness, alert them when the filter needs replacement and informs them about steps they can take to improve local air quality. There is a risk that this information might be interpreted incorrectly, used in improper ways and could result in privacy concerns if shared. To reduce this risk, we will be providing comprehensive guides on interpreting the data and will ensure that necessary system is in place to ensure privacy.

Most Significant Challenge

World Vision would help us accelerate our technology to market to make it available to families who need it at an acceptable price. The grant would help fund several major milestones, including a pilot study, development of product manufacturing partnerships, certification, as well as the setup of marketing and distribution channels. We are currently looking for funding for a pilot study to collect data and customer testimonials. We will also need funding to set up the quality assurance pipeline and acquire the required certifications. The grant will also help us fund product manufacturing at sufficient volume to achieve our target product price. Finally, we will need the funding for marketing and the distribution channel setup. We have developed and validated the technology and have customers lined up. However, without the World Vision as a partner we would not be able to get our product to market fast enough. Receiving the support of World Vision would be invaluable in moving our business forward.

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