Yum Mum

HIV/AIDS can be transmitted from mother to infant through breastfeeding. 56% of pregnant women in Angola do not receive treatment for HIV/AIDS. Yum Mum aims to provide vulnerable women with safe alternatives to breastfeeding such as baby formula. We are a not-for profit organization that aims to deliver safe, one time use sterilized bottles, baby formula and clean water to mothers suffering from HIV/AIDS.


Yum Mum does not necessarily have "customers" as we believe health care should never be a business. The population we focus on are mothers who have no access to HIV/AIDS treatment. 56% of pregnant women in Angola do not have access to HIV/AIDS treatment due to poverty, remoteness and lack of information and government support. In addition to women and children, we also aim to help fathers and other family members trying to provide safe milk to infants when the mother is not present.

Value Proposition

Our Yum Mum box has 3 main components: baby formula, pre-sterilized one time use, recyclable baby bottles, and clean bottles water. These components are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes and the amount of contents in the box depends on the age of the baby and the baby's nutritional needs.

Yum Mum is adaptable. Other than HIV/AIDs it can be delivered to infants suffering from severe malnutrition.


In order to access the Yum Mum box, mothers need to have a bracelet with a reference number. Every month, trained health care aids will travel to the village to give new mothers a bracelet. During the same monthly visit, children already using Yum Mum will weighed and compared to the WHO height-wight chart to track the progress of Yum Mum. An increase in weight monthly will be used to ensure that the baby formula is proving to be a good source of nutrition. To reach these women, local health care aids will be trained. They will delivery the Yum Mum boxes to the village or remote area.

Customer Relationships

We are aware of the importance and advantage of incorporating local individuals rather than foreign aid. We aim to encourage local volunteers and health care aids to take issue. We also wish to include the input of local midwives. Upon monthly visits, we would aim to collect feedback from the women using Yum Mum and incorporate this feedback into Yum Mum. These relationships will be maintained through monthly visits. Yum Mum aims to create community resilience. The bottles and cardboard boxes are recyclable. A box will be set up in the area to collect the cardboard and bottles. The money generated from these recycled items will be given back to the community.

Key Activities

The key activities of Yum Mum is to deliver the Yum Mum boxes and its goods, inform women on the dangers of breastfeeding when not on HIV/AIDS treatment, allow for volunteer opportunities for young women, focus on early prevention of HIV/AIDS that does not focus on sexual transmission, collect recycling and build, give new mothers reference bands, weigh children monthly and build community resistance.

Financial Resources

We require money to pay for the baby formula, steribottles and clean bottles water.

Human Resources

Local health care aids

Physical Resources

Making the boxes for different aged children.

Intellectual Resources


Key Partners

We hope to partner with NGOs and charities interested in our cause. Some of these include WHO, World Vision and UNICEF. We hope to partner with key suppliers of baby formula, the company steri-bottle and a water company. We hope to collect cardboard boxes by donation.

Unanswered Questions

Most of our unanswered questions come from funding. We recognize that baby formula is expensive and are in need of funding to help us start our initiative. Thus far, there has been a concentration on prevented HIV/AIDS transmission that is transmitted sexually. However, we would love to raise awareness that HIV/AIDS aids is transmitted through breast feeding as well. We aim to increase the nutritional value of infants.


Yum Mum is not-for profit initiative that aims to improve the health of infants. The only money generated by Yum Mum is through the money collected by recycling the baby bottles and cardboard boxes.


Our major costs are baby formula, clean water and the steri-bottles. We hope to partner with companies to provide these components to reduce our costs. On average, baby formula costs around 11 cents per oz. The costs of the yum mum boxes depends on how many women are in need of the boxes. This requires that the number of women be surveyed. The costs are also variable, based on how old the infants using the box are.

Example of cost of 2 month old's baby formula.
$79 worth of baby formula per month


We do not anticipate to become profitable financially. Instead, we believe in investing in the lives and wellbeing of infants so that they can have the best head start in life. With a lower transmission of HIV/AIDS, money will saved from the health care system in the country. The only money generated is the money from recycling the boxes and bottles which will be given back to the community or those helping deliver the boxes.


Our mission is to improve the outcomes of infants facing HIV/AIDS during the first 1000 days of life. We are focusing on this challenge as transmission of HIV/AIDS is often thought of in terms of sexual transmission. We are dedicated to increasing awareness and reducing transmission through breastfeeding.


At the moment, the B+ regime: UNICEF is focusing on goal of preventing mother to child transmission. However, we are unaware of any organization that is trying to supply baby formula as a safe alternative.


To determine success, we track the weights of all babies using Yum Mum during our monthly visits to supply the boxes.

Strengths & Weaknesses

The biggest strength we have as a team is our willingness to understand the challenges we face. We understand the challenge of cost and the challenge of cultural practices against foreign ones. The biggest weakness we have as a team is that for now our team is composed solely of university undergraduate students. Findings funding methods has been a challenge for us and we would love to expand our network to take advantage of opportunities for funding.

Critical Assumptions

A critical assumption as have made is that NGO's and charities are willing to donate and fund us without receiving any direct financial benefits.

Most Significant Challenge

The most significant challenge that the venture faces is funding of the Yum Mum box components. The components are quite expensive but are vital for the well being of children who's mother's cannot safely breastfeed.

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